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What is this tunnel and where did it come from? Why do the locals call it "The Hole In The Wall"? Check out these Images with memories from 1899, the photos below, and what other folks are saying.

River-Facts Advises: 9 miles after HWY 221 bridge there is a small (4' diameter) tunnel on river left. The flow is very swift at the entrance of this tunnel and you may be pulled inside in your craft. DO NOT PADDLE THROUGH THIS TUNNEL. It ends with a 30' two stage waterfall and once you are at the downstream end of the tunnel, you will fall out the side of the mountain and over the falls. LIKELY FATAL RIDE.

Tunnel on Right, The View From Up Stream
The Tunnel Entrance.
Looking through the tunnel - The water is low.
On the other side of the tunnel. It is not recomended to walk through this tunnel!
The fall to the other side of the river.
Looking back to the entrance.

Carefully through the old tunnel - on a day that the water was very low.


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